the emotion of simplicity
the emotion of simplicity
paths of light

a road through the hills
between rows of pine trees leads to the Tenuta Valdomini Estate, a pink-plastered house
with a simple charm, at the foot of a low hill, immersed in a variety of greens from the
brilliant meadow to the restful pine, passing from the green of chestnut trees to that of
beeches, apple and hazlenut trees.

paths of light
crossing clouds lead me

a large terrace
looks over the splendid view that ranges over the entire valley protected by winding hills,
dominated by the famous medieval castle at Partistagno, the whole crowned by the mighty
Italo-Austrian alps. The atmosphere is that of home: fresh meadow flowers, a kitchen
always available to the guests, a large garden to take the sun in or to rest under the leafy
arbour. The comfortable relaxation room is an ideal spot for chatting to friends.

crossing clouds lead me
a friendly smile receive me

from the room one enjoys a magnificent view over the gentle hills
around where sounds and colours evoke deep emotions. Al risveglio, la
prima colazione in un locale accogliente, vi riconcilierà con il mondo.

a friendly smile receive me
feel me home

the rooms
the twin and double-bedded rooms are
situated on two floors. They are spacious
and welcoming, all decorated with style.
The bathroom is roomy and comfortable.

feel me home
warm up my soul

la cantina
recently constructed situated in vicinity of the thousand year old
castle of Partistagno, it produces wines that have made the name
“Colli Orientali del Friuli” famous worldwide.
The estate extends over 50 hectares of which 8 are under vine.

warm up my soul
and I’m happy

a blaze of colours
induces your gaze to range among these hills exten-
ding the invitation to the viewer to immerse him or
herself in a splendid, fragrant atmosphere of nature.
The places are ideal for relaxing and healthy walks to
provide oxygen for both body and spirit. Amid the
eastern hills of the Friuli region and its medieval cast-
les, a stone’s throw from age old villages, just a few
miles from splendid cities, the Tenuta Valdomini esta-
te is the ideal spot for a break.

and I’m happy


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